ZOLL AEDs by ZOLL Medical Corporation

Medical professionals have trusted the wide range of ZOLL products in hospitals, EMS and clinics and their AEDs sold into the public setting are no exception. ZOLL manufactures two AED types which combine some well thought out ease-of-use features and some advanced technology which helps to differentiate them in the market of defibrillators. The ZOLL AEDs can be distinguished by their bright green color, but it’s not just their appearance that make them different, it is patented pad/electrode design and a revolutionary approach to CPR coaching which do so.

The ZOLL device type for company workplaces, school districts, dentist offices and clinics, nursing homes, government settings and university campuses is the ZOLL AED Plus. This AED type is available in a fully-automatic or semi-automatic version. Fully-automatic simply means that the AED (if a shockable rhythm is detected) will deliver the defibrillation therapy without the push of a button. The logic behind having no shock button is that some rescuers have admitted to hesitance in pushing the button, but ZOLL’s automatic AED does so without the rescuer having to make that important decision. Customers also enjoy the text screen and visual interface, special CPR pads (called CPR-D Padz) which help promote quality pad placement on the chest, and a dual purpose lid which serves to help open the patients airway. The ZOLL AED Plus features Real CPR Help which is a proprietary technology which provides the rescuer with feedback to help them perform good quality CPR by coaching them for both the rate and the depth of compression. There’s no wonder why many of AED One-Stop Shop’s customers are drawn to the ZOLL AED Plus for protecting lives and creating a “heart safe environment.”

The ZOLL AED PRO is a 3-lead monitoring ECG device which supports BLS and ALS professionals. This AED type is a full-featured product with an outstanding ruggedness which helps to function no matter how harsh the environment for the first responder. The IP55 rating means it is exceptionally resistant to water and dust and not only that but due to a tough design and rugged external casing it has been shown to withstand a 1.5 meter drop test. Like ZOLL’s public device it features Real CPR Help again emphasizing ZOLL’s belief that the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation matters in a rescue. See-Thru CPR allows the first responder to see the victim or patient’s underlying CPR rhythm while they perform CPR. The ZOLL AED Pro from AED One-Stop Shop features built-in internal memory and external USB memory to help allow for flexibility for data management and transfer too. Lastly, pad and battery compatibility with the highly adopted M, E, and R Series Defibrillators is also a check for this hybrid AED.

AED One-Stop Shop and purchase AEDs .com are proud to be Authorized National Distributors of the ZOLL line of Automated External Defibrillators and we look forward to serving you with competitive pricing and fantastic product knowledge.

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