MedWheels First Aid with CPR & AED
The MedWheels First Aid with CPR & AED training course provides all the necessary tools to assist a victim during an emergency. Whether a responder needs to perform CPR, use an AED, or utilize your First Aid knowledge, he or she perform these tasks effectively after this training course. The First Aid taught in this course has been designed to satisfy OSHA requirements. The MedWheels First Aid & CPR training course includes coverage on how to manage illness and injuries until professional responders arrive, adult and child CPR, how to use an AED, how to relieve choking in adults and children. **2 Year Certification**

Pricing Per Student *6 students minimum*
First Aid Written Test & Skills Test
Time of Course: 6 1/2 hours

Add Infant CPR: Adding Infant CPR training includes coverage on providing CPR and how to relieve an infant from choking.

Time of Course: Additional 1 Hour

The Blood Borne Pathogens training course includes coverage on how blood borne pathogens are spread, how to prevent exposure, and what to do if exposed to infectious materials. **Add-On Course, must purchase another CPR training course.** **2 Year Certification**

Per Student: 6 student minimum
No Test
Time of Course: 1-2