Physician Bundle

Physician Bundle

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The Physio Control LifePak CR+ AED Package offers a great combination of user-friendly features, power, and durability, making it a good choice for most organizations. The LIfePak CR+ AED has employs escalating energy technology that ranges from 200J to 300J to 360J. It has a low-cost of maintenance with matching expiration dates on the CHARGE-PAK battery and electrode pads. It also provides semi-automatic and full automatic version for medical teams and users with different training and knowledge levels. The LIfePak CR+ also has a visual readiness display that communities the state of the unit to the program manager or user, letting them know if it is need of maintenance or ready to peform.



Physio Control LifePak CR+ AED Package
  • Medtronic/Physio Control LifePak CR Plus AED
  • 2 set of QUIK-PAK ECG Electrodes and a Charge Pak Battery
  • Ambu Res-Cue Mask First Responder Kit
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Quick Reference Instruction Card
  • Reference Manual CD
  • Orientation DVD
  • AED Program Implementation Starter Kit
  • 8 Year Warranty
  • 147SM Surface Mount Cabinet
  • FREE! Medical Authorization
  • FREE! V Shaped Sign
  • FREE! Inspection Tag
  • FREE! Window Decal Sticker
  • FREE! 1 Year of Data Management Solution
  • FREE! Shipping

The LifePak CR+, like many leading AED’s, deliver shocks in escalating intervals ranging from 200J, to 300J, to 360J, and continues shocking at 360J until the patient responds and a normal heart rhythm is restored. The LifePak CR+ even includes a motion detector that monitor’s the patient’s movement and indicates if the responder is touching the patient before a shock is delivered.

The LifePak CR+ is higly versatile, coming in both a semi and fully automatic version for different user levels. The semi-automatic LifePak CR+ requires a three step process in order for the AED to deliver the shock: turning on the AED, applying the pads, and pressing the shock button. The fully automatic version requires just two steps in order to deliver the first shock; the responder simply has to turn on the AED and apply the pads and the LIfePak CR+ automatically monitors the victim’s cardiac activity and issues shocks as needed. Both version of the LifePak CR+ are easy to use and effective at correcting cardiac arrest.

The LifePak CR+ makes it easy for users to have confidence during a rescue by providing clear voice prompts during the rescue to let responders what steps to take next.

The LifePak CR+ removes the hassles of maintenance with self-testing to ensure that the AED is operational. The unit includes a display that indicates when it is ready to opreate. Another innovative feature of the LifePak CR+ is it’s CHARGE-PAK battery system, which charges the battery internally to it’s optimum level.


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