LifePak CR+

LifePak CR+


The Physio Control LifePak CR+ AED is ideal for any organization that's implementing an AED Program. It has a low-cost of maintenece with the electrode pads and CHARGE-PAK battery have the same expiration date. The LifePak CR+ is simple to use and offers the semi-automatic and fully automatic version. The LifePak CR+ has a visual readiness display that lets the responder know this AED is ready, willing and able.

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The Medtronic/Physio Control LifePak CR Plus AED includes the following:
  • Medtronic/Physio Control LifePak CR Plus AED
  • 1 pair QUIK-PAK pacing/defibrillation/ECG electrodes and the CHARGE-PAK battery
  • 1 spare pair QUIK-PAK pacing/defibrillation/ECG electrodes
  • Quick Reference Instructions (installed on AED)
  • Reference Manual CD
  • Orientation DVD
  • Carrying Case
  • AED Program Implementation Starter Kit
  • 8 Year Warranty
  • FREE! Ambu Res-Cue Mask First Responder Kit
  • FREE! Medical Authorization
  • FREE! Inspection Tag
  • FREE! Window Decal Sticker
  • FREE! Shipping

The LifePak CR+ has an escalating energy setting of 200J, 300J, and then 360J. The energy will keep increasing until it reaches 360J. The AED will shock at 360J for the remaining of the shocks until the victim is no longer in ventricle fibrillation. The LifePak CR+ also has a motion detector in case the patient moves or if a responder is touching the patient prior to the shock. The motion detector will not show if there is movement from the victim’s body.

The LifePak CR+ is available as a semi-automatic or a fully automatic. Here is the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic:

Semi-Automatic – The semi-automatic LifePak CR+ has a three step process in order for the AED to deliver the shock. The responder must turn on the AED, apply the pads, and finally press the shock button to be able to deliver the shock to the victim.
Fully Automatic – The fully automatic LifePak CR+ has a two step process in order for the AED to deliver the shock. The responder must turn on the AED, and then apply the pads to the victim. This version of the LifePak CR+ does not have a shock button to push to deliver the shock.

Both versions of the LifePak CR+ are effective and simple to use. The LifePak CR+ will give voice prompts during the rescue to make it easy for the responder to know which step is next.

The LifePak CR+ performs self-tests to ensure the AED is fully operational. With its visible readiness display, it is easy to see that the LifePak CR+ is ready when seconds count. The LifePak CR+ offers a unique feature; it has an internal battery that is charged by the CHARGE-PAK battery to keep it at its optimal level.



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