LIFEPAK AEDs by Physio-Control

With over 50 years as a leader in defibrillation Physio-Control is the “go to” for lifesaving equipment for a great many EMS agencies and hospital units. In short the LIFEPAK brand is known and trusted by professionals who have been equipped with Physio’s products for years. The public access Automated External Defibrillator (AED) line from LIFEPAK features the same advanced technology trusted by emergency medical professionals.

Their feature product for workplaces and communities is the LIFEPAK CR-Plus AED. This device balances ease-of-use, speed to rescue, and some of the best technology around with its capability of delivering up to 360 joules of energy for hard to defibrillate victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The LIFEPAK offers two configurations: a fully-automatic version “without a shock button” and a semi-automatic version “with a shock button.” The LIFEPAK CR-Plus can be distinguished by its black and yellow color and once you open the AED lid a distinctive red handle which opens the electrodes or pads. This feature along with other design attributes speeds the amount of time to turn on the device, place the pads on the chest and then deliver therapy. AED One-Stop Shop customers who have invested in the LIFEPAK CR-Plus enjoy the rugged design and excellent usability.

For those seeking a more economical choice when it comes to AEDs, the LIFEPAK Express is a very viable choice. Pairing LIFEPAK’s life-saving technology along with an attractive price point and manageable cost of ownership, the LIFEPAK Express offers the best of both worlds. Unique to Physio-Control is the CHARGE-PAK technology which are adult electrodes sold in tandem with a charging unit for the AEDs internal medical grade battery. The LIFEPAK Express is a great selection for companies, schools, gyms, and government buildings.

For fire departments, police departments and sheriff’s offices the LIFEPAK 1000 AED Defibrillator is an ideal product type. This advanced AED offers every trained responder the opportunity to make a difference. The device has a large and very tough build with a very substantial sized screen which can be configured for graphical display or an ECG display. Some of the advanced features include cprMAX technology, escalating energy to 360j, and electrode compatibility with the LP-12 and LP-15 defibrillator / monitors that ALS are often equipped with. Dedicated and volunteer departments should certainly consider the LIFEPAK 1000 from AED One-Stop Shop.

For consultation as to whether the CP-Plus, Express or 1000 is the best fit for your organization contact AED One-Stop Shop for a free expert level consultation. Join the many who trust Physio-Control LIFEPAK AEDs to protect lives.


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for more information: (210) 533-9457

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