Just months after he collapsed on the field at Paycor Stadium, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has returned to Cincinnati. This time, Hamline was promoting the importance of CPR and AED training through his Chasing M’s CPR Tour.

On Jan. 2, Hamlin collapsed on the field after taking a hard hit to the chest, which caused commotio cordis. The quick work of medical personnel kept him alive until he was able to get to the hospital and receive treatment. One week later, Hamlin was able to leave the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Hamline returned to UC Medical Center on Saturday to speak about the importance of knowing how to act in an emergency situation, and he handed out free boxed AEDs, per the Cincinnati Enquirer.

“I believe that everybody that came out regardless of why you came out is truly equipping yourself with a super-power,” Hamlin said at the event. “Being able to have a life-saving tool and to have that with you when you walk around in any room, you pretty much can consider yourself a super-hero.”

Hamilin has already visited Pittsburgh and Buffalo on his tour, and he felt it was only right to add Cincinnati as a third location. He will appreciate what the UC medical staff did for him for the rest of his life.

“When we started this CPR tour we had three cities in mind,” Hamlin said. “Pittsburgh, my hometown, Buffalo, my second home and Cincinnati, my third home. Today we have members of the (UC) trauma team. They treated me with a care that was unmatched. I told them they treated me like family. I didn’t feel like a patient that was going through a life-or-death situation. I felt like a family member. It was all genuine love, genuine care.”

Back in April, Hamlin announced that he would be returning to the field for the 2023 season. Doctors cleared Hamlin for football activities in what will be a pretty unbelievable comeback this fall.